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This mod allows for (almost) unlimited world height and depth, by dynamically loading vertical sections of the world, just like Minecraft does in horizontal direction.

WARNING: This mod WILL break many other mods in hard to predict ways. Most of the incompatibilities cannot be fixed without changes to other mods. Incompatibility list on CurseForge doesn't lists only a few of them!

Currently Cubic Chunks may break JEID. It may corrupt your world, without any way to recover it.


Versions 1.10.2-0.0.871.0, 1.11.2-0.0.856.0 and 1.12.2-0.0.852.0 contain CubicWorldGen sub-mod. All newer versions need CubicWorldGen installed separately if you want Cubic Chunks world generators.


Update to MC 1.17 snapshots in progress. Don't ask when. It will be released when it's done.


Frequently Asked Questions:



Q: I'm getting error 404 when trying to download the mod

Q: I'm getting empty page when trying to download the mod

Q: Downloading the mod doesn't work

A: This is a problem in CurseForge website. It doesn't correctly handle mods that have only alpha releases. Use the "recent files" section on the right side of the page.


Q: Where can I download older versions?

A: At the time of writing this, CurseForge website has an issue where it doesn't let anyone except the author find the "all files" page when the mod has only alpha releases (there is no link to it anywhere). Here is a direct link to it:


Q: Nothing but stone generates below y=0. HELP!

A: This is normal for compatibility generator (default). This is the cost of good mod compatibility. This is planned to change. Currently you can use CubicWorldGen instead, if you don't mind losing all modded world generation.


Q: When I try to build above y=256 it shows an error message that build height is limited to 256. Why?

A: This is a known bug in cubic chunks that affects newly generated worlds on the forst world load. Save and exit and then load the world again.


Q: Sponge/SpongeForge/Bukkit/Spigot/<insert name of spigot+forge project> support?

A: Not yet. Sponge support is planned in the far future. Bukkit/spigot support while possible and probably less work is currently not planned. The code is open source so if you are a developer, you can submit a PR to make it happen.


Q: Can MCEdit load CubicChunks worlds?

A: No, but a replacement of MCEdit that is planned to be compatible is currently worked on.


Q: Is it compatible with GalactiCraft?

A: Partially. There have been major stability issue and the situation changes significantly with cubic chunks and galacticraft versions. Try it yourself if you want to.


Q: Is it compatible with WorldEdit?

A: At the time of writing this, the oficially released WorldEdit version is only partially compatible. It works mostly correctly in height range 0-256. There is also an unreleased branch with basic cubic chunks compatibility available here: . A more compatible build has been made but it's not available from official sources.


Q: Which Forge version do I need?

A: While some older versions may work, it's best to use latest 1.12.2 version, which is currently <small>1.12.2 -</small>


Q: Is optifine compatible with cubic chunks?

A: Yes, but not all version. Latest version (OptiFine 1.12.2 HD U F5) is currently verified to work. Other versions may work, try at your own risk. You also need to verify that the optifine version you are using is compatible with your forge version.


Q: Is it compatible with ForgeEssentials?

A: At the time of writing this, latest version is incompatible with ForgeEssentials, but an update of ForgeEssentials is worked on. This is the last compatible version:


Q: Is it compatible with Open Terrain Generator (OTG) and/or BiomeBundle?

A: Maybe, partially. This is not a very well tested configuration, and involves doing some things manually (including changing cubic chunks configuration). Use at your own risk. It's likely to break.


Q: Is it compatible with Biomes O' Plenty mod?

A: CubicChunks itself should be compatible. CubicWorldGen, while technically can run together with Biomes O' Plenty, it not very useful as they are separate world types that can't be combined together.


Q: I tried to run this mod with Terra121 and it crashed

A: First try to allocate more RAM to Minecraft. This may resolve your issue. How it's done varies with launcher used, and version of the launcher, so will not be explained here.


Q: Is it compatible with <mod X>?

A: If it's not listed above - you can try it yourself. Chances are, it will work or at least mostly work. But be aware that for some mods you need a lot of testing to confirm that they work correctly.


Q: I installed this mod together with 315 other mods, why does it crash?

A: Cubic chunks is incompatible with one of the other mods you have. Most likely candidates are: VanillaFix, Project Red, Applied Energetics 2, Thaumcraft, SpongeForge, Phosphor (likely coming from Aether 2), JEID, Valkyrien Warfare, FastCraft2 or ViveCraft. There are also less common mods that are incompatible. CubicChunks is also incompatible with older versions of some mods, so make sure you are using up to date versions (a few known cases: JourneyMap, SecurityCraft, ForgeEssentials, BuildCraft).


Q: Help! It crashes! (and none of the above apply to me)

A: You can either report it on github or ask in comments (not recommended). Regardless of where you ask, it's expected that you provide your debug.log file from logs folder or if for any reason you can't do that, at least crash report file or latest.log file.


Q: How about 1.7.10/1.8.x/1.9.x versions?

A: No (the code is open source, you are free to do it yourself)


Q: How about 1.13.x/1.14.x/1.15.x/1.16.x versions?

A: Support for 1.15.x or newer (depending on which is latest when the update is done) is planned. Backport to 1.14.x is planned to be done if 1.14.x is still Long Term Support forge version at that time. 1.13x. will never be supported.
After the initial 1.14.x+ rewrite, updates are expected to be much faster, sometimes even within a day of new forge version being released. If fabric ends up being supported, it's likely to be mostly intended for snapshots.


Q: Will Fabric be supported?

A: Maybe.


Q: Can I set my own height limit?

A: While it's theoretically possible and it can be done with NBT editor, it's currently not supported. It also gives no performance benefit. This may be supported in the future.


Q: It's stuck on "loading world"

A: How long has it been stuck? If it's more than about 15 minutes, it has probably crashed but didn't close. Report an issue and provide debug.log file. If it's just under a minute, but unusually long, it may just take a while longer to generate the world.


Q: I've seen an AntVenom video about cubic chunks and farlands. How do I generate them with latest version of CubicChunks?

A: You need to install CubicChunks and CubicWorldGen. After starting Minecraft, close it, and edit configuration file config/cubicworldgen_mixin_config.json and change
"allow_farlands_worldgen": false

"allow_farlands_worldgen": true

Then create a world with world type CustomCubic




Mod compatibility

NOT COMPATIBLE WITH MCEDIT, WORLDEDIT, SPONGE or BUKKIT/SPIGOT. NBTExplorer will not be able to edit Cubic Chunks region files.

There are special compatibility tweaks for OptiFine included. Supported optifine versions are:

  • 1.12.2: E2, except CubicChunks 1.12.2-0.0.852, works only with C7-C9, has unfinished support for D1
  • 1.11.2: C7
  • 1.10.2: E7

A plugin for WorldPainter will be available soon.


Other than that, many mods are likely to break in unpredictable way. Use with other mods at your own risk. Report all compatibility issues to Cubic Chunks, NOT to other mods, even if this is incompatibility with new MinecraftForge version. Unofficial community maintained compatibility list can be found on Cubic Chunks wiki pages.

Versions 1.10.2-0.0.871.0, 1.11.2-0.0.856.0 and 1.12.2-0.0.852.0  may  be compatible with some additional mods that don't work with newer versions, in case a mod was made to be compatible with this older version.

Creating Cubic Chunks world

To create a Cubic Chunks world for the first time, you need to select "more world options" and enable Cubic Chunks in that menu. This will be remembered for future worlds, and saved in config.

For CubicWorldGen world types, you don't need to enable that option, it will always generate a Cubic Chunks world.

Note: on the first load, your build height may be still limited to 256 blocks. This should fix itself once the world is reloaded. This is a known bug.


For servers you need to set forceCubicChunks option to true in cubicchunks.cfg config file.

Note: don't forget to change max build height in if it's from vanilla.


Old versions

Curse no longer shows old versions of alpha files, here are direct links to all of them:


Cubic Chunks has a discord server that you can join. If you have any issues, you can ask there.


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