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Filename planetcore-1.2.0.jar
Uploaded by Vetador
Uploaded Aug 6, 2022
Game Version 1.12.2   +2
Size 13.06 MB
Downloads 183
MD5 0952336eb096eb4ae5bfc8a8b374ade5
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Java 8
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- The rocks below stone are easier to break.
- I buffed the early pickaxes a little.
- Increased depth of the world, before it was 3500 blocks deep to reach the centercore and now it's 13,000 blocks deep.
- Nurfed random explosion gas in the mantle and below.

- Increased duration of long and very long potion of fire resistance and haste.

- Added very hot magmacube and very hot magma cream.
- Core lava will spread through any weak blocks with lower than 100 hardness.
- Iron lava spread slower than before and only below 1000 blocks deep.
- Reduced amount of lava found in the core.
- You can find more supercompact gems in the centercore.

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