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Welcome to

by Mysticpasta1

Textures by Supreme Marshal on Discord
Based off of Planet Core for Cubic Chunks from 1.12.2 forge


This mod add in the earth's layer in the overworld and (overhauls volcanoes - upcoming update) in

minecraft's default generator

Current Features
New layers - Crust, Mantle, Lower Mantle, Outer Core, Center, Inner Core, and Pure Core -

Standing on anything hotter than the crust blocks will burn you without frostwalker, and

standing on Pure Core blocks in survival will kill you instantly from heat even with frostwalker

Ore Lavas - Iron, Gold, more upcoming

Netherite Bucket - Picks up Ore Lavas only

Buckets will break and burn you when right clicking on Ore Lavas
Certain Tools with break and burn you when mining them

Water will evaporate past -64 Y level when placed

Cooling Ore Lava Sources with Water about -64 in the overworld will make a Raw Ore Block variant


Upcoming features

Ovehauling Volcanoes from Modded Biomes
Adding layers to the nether ceiling and removing the bedrock ceiling layer for easier roof access
More types of vanilla ore lava and modded ore lava

super compress vanilla and modded ores

modded ingots and modded raw ore blocks


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