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See here for the 1.12 port!


*Collective Framework is now required for this mod*


Peripherals++ is my attempt at porting MiscPeripherals. It contains some of my favorite peripherals from the now defunct mod, as well as including some of my own peripherals. Everything is modular, meaning that you could disable any part of the mod you dislike for whatever reason (but I know you will love all of it). The mod also preloads example scripts for each peripheral; more info located here. If you wish to discuss the mod, I prefer you'd do so in the ComputerCraft forums thread for Peripherals++, here.

This is still a very much work-in-progress and I hope to rapidly update this :)

Peripherals++ has a wiki! It'll contain everything you'll ever need to know, check it out here.

Stuff Added (Info about these are available on my wiki):

* Chatbox
* Player Detector
* Ore Dictionary
* RF Turtle Charger
* Navigational Turtle Upgrade
* Barrel Turtle Upgrade
* XP Turtle Upgrade
* Butterfly, Bee, and Tree Analyzers
* Advanced and Standard Turtle Teleporters
* Environmental Scanner
* Feeder Turtle Upgrade
* Villagers
* Shearing Turtle Upgrade
* Project Red Turtles

* Bluepower Turtles
* Speaker

* Antenna
* Smart Helmet
* Peripheral Container
* Thirsty Turtles
* ME Bridge
* Iron Noteblock
* Gardening Turtles
* Sign-Reading Turtles

* Ridable Turtles

* Turtles :)

* Nano bots

* Flinging Turtles

* Time Sensor

* NEI Plugin for turtle upgrades

* Chunk Loader Turtles

* Interactive Sorter

* Player Interface

* Resupply Station

* Pocket Computer Upgrades!

Planned Features: All my currently planned features could be found here.


License and Modpack Stuff:

This mod is under the GNU GPLv2 license, seen here.
Regarding Modpacks: Go ahead! Put this mod in ALL the modpacks! You just need to do two things:
1. Credit me, austinv11, as the creator of the mod. You CANNOT take credit where credit is not due.
2. Ensure that ALL mods in your modpack are redistributed with permission from their respective authors.

This mod is open-source! It's on github here.

Credits: Dan200 (for creating CC of course), RichardG (for creating MiscPeripherals and releasing the source), TeeJay (for some of the textures and ideas), Fx (for some textures, lua scripts, Github mod and beta tester), Panda (for contributing and being a Github mod) and everyone at Pandamonium (for moral support and ideas).

*I am now accepting submissions for programs to be included with the mod*

If you want your program to be included, follow the guidelines here.

Have feedback, suggestion or bug report? Post it here.



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