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I have officially abandoned this mod since, as there is a better alternative available, there is no point in maintaining this, if anyone wishes to, feel free to maintain this mod. It is open-source after all.

ThaumicNEI is an NEI Plugin for Thaumcraft 4. It requires Thaumcraft, NEI and of course, Forge for Minecraft 1.7.10.


A search filter via aspects. Syntax: @aspect:[aspect] or @aspects:[aspect],[aspect],etc. (only when the items are scanned)

Displaying Arcane Workbench Recipes (only when the item is researched)

Displaying Crucible Recipes (only when the item is researched)

Displaying Infusion Recipes (only when the item is researched)


v0.1.0 - Initial Release

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Report it here.


This mod is under the GNU GPLv2 license, seen here.

Regarding Modpacks:

Go ahead! Put this mod in ALL the modpacks! You just need to do two things:

1. Credit me, austinv11, as the creator of the mod. You CANNOT take credit where credit is not due.

2. Let me know that you're putting it in you're modpack (as long as it is a public one)! I have a thing for statistics ;)

Azanor- For creating the amazing Thaumcraft
ChickenBones- For creating the revolutionary NEI
MajorCooke- For making the great looking arrows for the crucible recipe page
and everyone else who has helped me!

This mod is open-source! Check it out on Github here.


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