Collective Framework


See here for the 1.12 port!


Collective Framework is your standard core/library mod. It doesn't do much on it's own besides helping my mods work and a few minor tweaks. 


Are you a user? Read this:

Collective Framework contains a few tweaks to minecraft:

  1. Debug tooltips, this shows (string) item ids, ore dictionary entries and nbt tags. This is disabled by default.
  2. A key overlay, this displays recently pressed keys on the top of the screen. This is disabled by default.
  3. Bukkit color code patch, instead of using '§' for formatting, you could instead use '&'. Note: the effect is client-side only. This is enabled by default.
  4. If you are opped you can change the world time via buttons, see this for more info, based on this reddit post. This is enabled by default.
  5. Cloud to butt, 'nuff said. Note: the effect is client-side only. This is disabled by default.
  6. Chat and item translation, the mod will attempt to translate chat and/or item names into the current localization. Note: this is experimental and client-side only. This is disabled by default.
  7. Create modpacks! If you create a modpack.xml in the minecraft folder, Collective Framework will manage the modpack for you.
  8. A button click sound when the main menu opens. This is enabled by default.
  9. An easter egg ;)



Are you a mod dev? Read this:

Collective Framework contains many useful apis to aid in mod and general java development. Some of the main api features are:

  1. Simplified thread management and usage.
  2. Simplified config creation. (Generate a config from a java class!)
  3. A book api.
  4. Much more utilities. See the javadocs here for more details.

License and Modpack Stuff:

This mod is under the GNU GPLv2 license, seen here.
Regarding Modpacks: Go ahead! Put this mod in ALL the modpacks! You just need to do two things:
1. Credit me, austinv11, as the creator of the mod. You CANNOT take credit where credit is not due.
2. Ensure that ALL mods in your modpack are redistributed with permission from their respective authors

This mod is open-source! It's on github here.

Have feedback, suggestion or bug report? Post it here.