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Filename Peripherals++-1.3.6.jar
Uploaded by grandpanda_
Uploaded Mar 8, 2016
Game Version 1.7.10  
Size 7.38 MB
Downloads 316,690
MD5 b354e7c7a7b3247c2b1534784bf4165f
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions


*Player Interface now functions properly across dimensions
*Removed debug log messages
*Player Interface handles invalid output sides properly
*Removed command prefix from command event in chatbox
*Attemtps to set labels of chatbox when labelling is disabled will fail silently
*Chat label can now be specified while also having max range in chatbox
*Fixed bugged villager trades
*Rewrote Thirsty Turtle (See #151 for changes)
*Fixed transparent rectangles for Smart Helmet

Updated to ComputerCraft 1.75. This is now the only supported version of ComputerCraft.

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