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Filename Overloaded-1.15.2-0.0.87.jar
Uploaded by cjm721
Uploaded May 15, 2020
Game Version 1.15.2
Size 4.22 MB
Downloads 23,495
MD5 7a654c0fc16f0b54aae1e3e4ee34ddcc
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Java 8
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Version: 0.0.87 (BETA)

  • Fix waterlogged breaking not working. (Fixes #97)

Version: 0.0.86 (BETA)

  • Fix right click report on almost infinity capacitor reporting ratio instead of actually percent.

Version: 0.0.85 (BETA)

  • Fix configs not syncing from servers and using their values.
  • General Cleanup (dead code + simplifying)

Version: 0.0.84 (BETA)

  • Fix server loading

Version: 0.0.83 (BETA)

  • Configs now work and are split into three sections.

Version: 0.0.82 (BETA)

  • MultiTool preview rendering is working correctly.
  • MultiTool teleportation works again (could use some heavy dupe testing)
  • Interface Rendering now kinda works
  • OBJ Block/Item Rendering Works again (Thanks abused_master)
  • Working on Multi-Armor Rendering Still, using 2D model.

Version: 0.0.81 (BETA)

  • Go back to vanilla rendering so at least blocks have some texture (even though they look wacky).
  • Working on MultiTool Rendering. Its not on correct layer but placing/remove block is not visible.
  • Jar should be signed properly again.

Version: 0.0.80 (BETA)

  • Fix #91. Completely disabled rendering code.

Version: 0.0.79 (BETA)

  • Initial 1.15.2 Port. All rendering is basicly disabled. Items all appear to function correctly.

Version: 0.0.78 (BETA)

  • Fix #44 for at least zombies (Render MultiArmor on non-players).
  • Changed up armor rendering in a lot of ways, should be faster now as well.
  • Fix Linking Card / Multi Armor Settings Editor textures.

Version: 0.0.77 (BETA)

  • Only attempt to load armor textures for Atlas it is needed in
  • OBJ Block and Item Models
  • Multi Tool no longer can place in thin air
  • Cleaned up Assets folder

Version: 0.0.76 (BETA)

  • Forge now has Mouse Scroll events so removing my direct LWJGL injection
  • Remove fluid code now that is breaking since forge changed signatures.
  • General Code cleanup

Version: 0.0.76 (BETA)

  • Mark Container packet handled so it does not cause a print statement.
  • New Models for some blocks
  • Multi-Tool Assist render now shows the placed state of block, and actually places that block

Version: 0.0.75 (BETA)

  • Updated to Forge 28.0.100
  • Loading models now. Look correct in world but in inventory / as item
  • Nether Star Block is now Animated

Version: 0.0.74 (BETA)

  • Updated to new Forge Fluid API
  • Add real texture for Instant Furnace
  • Fix Instant Furnace Dupe

Version: 0.0.73 (BETA)

  • Fix True Infinity Barrel Stack Overflow Crash.
  • Remove un-needed extra event listener now that forge fires the event properly.

Version: 0.0.72 (BETA)

  • Add translation for Instant Furnace

Version: 0.0.71 (BETA)

  • Forge Version Bump to >= 45

Version: 0.0.70 (BETA)

  • Fixed some GUI bugs with the Instant Furnace
  • Instant Furnace now has recipe
  • ItemInterface now drops its item again on break

Version: 0.0.69 (BETA)

  • Added new block. Instant Furnace. Instantly smelts using RF.

Version: 0.0.68 (BETA)

  • Updated to 1.14.4

Version: 0.0.67 (BETA)

  • Re-enable Remove Harmful from MultiArmor
  • Requires Forge 59+ due to sided issues with Potions that are fixed in that version

Version: 0.0.66 (BETA)

  • Add event to MultiTool place again.

Version: 0.0.65 (BETA)

  • Change Lang files on Keybinds
  • Speed up OBJ load times

Version: 0.0.64 (BETA)

  • Fire event when removing potion affects so mods that don't want their affects remove, arn't
  • Change MultiTool assist rendering order so can see the full remove preview
  • ReAdd left clicking blocks for multi-tool in single player (temporary fix)
  • Add a scroll event for use in RailGun / MultiTool
  • Bumping up to beta

Version: 0.0.63 (ALPHA)

  • Remove Shadow from under Players rendered in player interface
  • MultiTool preview render looks better now
  • MultiTool remove rendering now appears. Need to work on some transparency issues
  • Working on MultiArmor GUI. Mostly works
  • Prevent de-syncing issues with Item Interface
  • New textures for the Almost/True Infinite Containers
  • Adding Server Side checking for MultiTool block clicks as it isn't firing client side (forge bug #5802)
  • Disabling Remove Harmful from MultiArmor due to Forge #5920 (causes client to be kicked)
  • Fix energy extraction not saying enabled when energy amount is not disable by 4, and using 4x the cost.

Version: 0.0.62 (ALPHA)

  • Multi-Tool now renders block to place correctly for all viewpoints.

Version: 0.0.62 (ALPHA)

  • Null check due to forge not coping capabilities on player death (#73)

Version: 0.0.61 (ALPHA)

  • Fix crash on reloading texture pack (#72)

Version: 0.0.60 (ALPHA)

  • Everything has recipes again
  • True Infinity Storage containers
  • Worked on rendering some more
  • Should not crash anything. Tested SP and MP.

Version: 0.0.59 (ALPHA)

  • Initial 1.14 Port
  • Many Features are Missing
  • Textures are Missing
  • Will be reworking storage containers so do not expect them to keep contents between updates

Version: 0.0.58 (RELEASE)

  • Fixes fluid storage not allowing un-filtered extraction (Fixes #71)

Version: 0.0.57 (RELEASE)

  • Fixes fluid storage converting fluids (Fixes #69)
  • Compiled against forge version bump

Version: 0.0.56 (RELEASE)

  • Multi-Armor Helmet now looks forward when on armor stands.
  • Updated Gradle build system
  • Correct Spelling Error (Fixes #68)
  • Add countermeasure for invalid state changes of Overloaded's power items (Fixes #65)
  • Change Render format to block for ghost blocks (changes text render posistion)

Version: 0.0.55 (RELEASE)

  • Added Waila (Hwyla) support for Hyper Energy Capability (Infinity Capacitor)

Version: 0.0.54 (RELEASE)

  • Update to new Forge and Mapping snapshots.
  • Fix default compressed netherrack looking like Cobblestone. Will have to manually reset config to see change (or apply change yourself).
  • Improve Multi-Armor rendering on Non-player entities
  • Add config entry to make Infinity Container have two slots. This is to help with Vanilla but is a performance decrease. Default to disabled.
  • Update invalid fingerprint message to say report to cjm721
  • Forgot to do sided checks for some Tile Entities (cause weirdness in single player only)
  • Wrote a test (Really wish I could write tests for everything, but Minecraft makes it very annoying)

Version: 0.0.53 (RELEASE)

  • Refactor ItemMultiTool (Code cleanup)
  • Add lang file for zn_cn (provided by DazzleCool)

Version: 0.0.52 (RELEASE)

  • Multi-Tool now gives better error message when unable to break / place
  • Multi-Tool now also respect's server's range limits
  • Code Cleanup
    • Dynamic Registration now in single place
    • Abstracted multi-armor rendering
  • New config entry for item texture size. Before item texture size was tied to block resolution
  • Config is now synced from server to client
  • Config rewrite - physical files are the same though
  • Can now upload to Curse from command line (No mod changes)
  • Forge version compiled against bumped up to 2611, should still be compatible with old versions

Version: 0.0.51 (RELEASE)

  • Enable ground speed modifier again. (Why can't flight and walk speed be done the same way... to many one offs for my liking, although I like how ground speed is done now, might make some more features out of it)

Version: (RELEASE)

Hotfix to disable ground speed modifications

  • jar is now signed (Because why not?)
  • Disable ground speed modifications as the way I am currently doing it breaks servers

Version: 0.0.50 (RELEASE)

Mostly quality of life changes / just getting the code base in a better state.

  • Changelog will now be appended with previous info (pulled changelogs from last two days also)
  • Added One Probe Integration for Item Interface / Player Interface / Hyper * Senders / Infinity Capacitor
  • Linking Card will no longer forget the receiver when binding
  • Nether Star Block is now Ore Dictionaryed to blockNetherStar
  • Code Cleanup using IDEA's automated tasks
  • Added charged variants of all powered items to creative menu.

Fixed: * NPE if you somehow placed a Player Interface without setting the placer

Version: 0.0.49 (RELEASE)

  • Multi-Armor Settings Editor Implemented (+Recipe)
    • Right Click in GUI to change to more precise input mode for sliders.
  • Multi-Armor Changes
    • Ground speed increase now uses power
    • Has config options for balancing
    • Flight has additional config options for balancing.
    • Max Speed limits are also in config
    • Most features can now be enabled/disabled via the settings editor.
    • Settings are saved to the helmet.

Fixed: * Compressed Block now have blast resistance that corresponds to their hardness.

Version: 0.0.48 (BETA)

Making build as beta as most likely will also push an update within next 24 hours to move settings GUI out of Dev Mode. All changes should be stable.

  • Railgun implemented and moved out of dev only mode
    • Has recipe (that needs balancing)
    • Many config options for balancing
    • Sneak Scroll to change by Power Delta
      • Ctrl + Sneak to change by 100 * Power Delta
  • Cleaned up Generic Data Storage to be more efficient and persist settings (used by armor and railgun)
  • Cleaned up locale file as it had old entires

Dev Mode: * Working on Settings GUI for the Multi-Armor