Nutritional Balance

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Nutritional Balance is a forge mod that enhances the food system to encourage you to eat a balanced diet. Eating a variety of nutrients with the right balance will make you stronger and faster. Ignoring your nutritional balance, however, can slow you down and weaken you.

This mod is easy to configure to your liking with data packs and/or configs. Only raw ingredients need be tagged, since the mod will traverse through crafting ingredients to discover a food's nutrients.


How to Play


Healthy Eating

Each food in Minecraft will have one or more nutrients. Hover over a food item to see which nutrients it provides along with the total number of Nutritional Units (NUs).

Food Tooltip

When you eat food, you will gain the nutritional units provided by the food divided among the nutrients it provides. You will want to eat foods that provide a variety of nutrients and avoid eating too much of a single nutrient.


Keeping Track

To see how you are doing, press the 'n' key (configurable) or click the nutrient button in your inventory.

Nutrition GUI

This will bring up the Nutrients GUI. 

Nutrition GUI

  • The blue shaded areas show your current level of each nutrient.
  • The vertical green lines show the boundaries of the "target" area.
  • The vertical red lines at the left show the "malnourishment" boundaries.
  • The red lines at the right show the "engorgement" boundaries.


Buffs and Debuffs

Get all of your nutrients in the target areas to achieve a balanced diet and get a few buffs.


Avoid letting your nutrient levels cross the red boundaries or you will get some debuffs.


Special Nutrients

Notice that some nutrients have different targets. Sugar is a "non-essential" nutrient, which means it does not count against your target as long as it stays below the top target boundary, and it never causes malnourishment. Veggies are always good. As long as the level is above the lower target boundary, it will count toward your target. You can eat as many veggies as you want, and it will not cause engorgement.


Nutritional Balance doesn't make it super difficult to keep your nutrients balanced as long as you don't ignore them completely.





Customization and Integration


Out of the box, this mod provides nutrients for all foods for the following mods,

  • Pam's HarvestCraft
  • Farmer's Delight
  • Simple Farming
  • Create
  • PneumaticCraft
  • MineColonies
  • Simply Tea
  • Tinkers Construct
  • Alex's Mobs
  • Inspirations
  • Quark
  • AquaCulture 2
  • Vanilla Cookbook
  • Environmental
  • Atmospheric
  • Upgrade Aquatic
  • Croptopia
  • Sushi Go Crafting
  • ...and any other mods that add foods crafted with vanilla ingredients.


I have worked hard to make it very easy to customize this mod. You can add support for new foods, define new nutrients and tweak the rates and milestones for the perfect balance. Nutritional balance uses item tags to define nutrients. Alternatively, you can also use the config file if that is easier for you. Plus, it will traverse through recipes, so it is only necessary to tag raw ingredients.


Buffs and debuffs can also be changed and adjusted using the server config.


For details on customizing this mod, see the Nutritional Balance wiki.


Issues and Feature Requests


Please submit bugs and feature requests using the Issues link above. Be sure to include the mod version, forge version and any relevant crash reports. If you do find any problems or have ideas for improvements, I would be most grateful for your input.


Also, feel free to comment below and join our Discord Server.


Credits, Acknowledgements and Thanks


Inspiration for this mod comes from Wes Cook's Nutrition mod which was inspired by TerraFirmaCraft and Spice of Life. Thanks also goes to the Forge team and to the many mod authors who came before me. Without their community contributions, this would not have been possible.



  • Nutrition mod - for 1.12.2. Nutrition was the main inspiration for Nutritional Balance.
  • Nourish - for Fabric. Similar idea, but for the Fabric mod loader.
  • Diet (Forge) - another 1.16.5 forge alternative. Posted 1 day before Nutritional Balance, Diet stays truer to the original Nutrition mod and does not require all nutrients to be balanced in order to get rewards.


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