Tiny Redstone

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Tiny Redstone is a forge mod for Minecraft that adds many tiny redstone pieces that you can put together on redstone panels to form tiny redstone circuits. These circuits can be copied onto blueprints and shared inside and outside your Minecraft world.


They can be picked up, moved, rotated, and linked with other panels. You can even dye them to match your build!


Each panel can hold up to 448 components in an 8x8x7 grid. You can choose which sides each piece of Tiny Redstone Dust connects and make your circuits super compact.


How to Play


  1. Craft a Redstone Panel and some tiny redstone components.
  2. Right click the panel with the components to place them.
  3. Left click with a component or Redstone Wrench in your hand to remove them.
  4. Right click with a Redstone Wrench to rotate the panel.
  5. Pick up the panel with all it's components and circuitry intact by shift-right clicking it with Redstone Wrench, or simply use a pick or your bare hands.


See Tiny Components  on the wiki for descriptions of all the tiny redstone things you can put on panels.


See Copying and Sharing Circuits on the wiki for details on how to save your circuit to a blueprint, copy it to other panels, export it for use in other worlds, import one to use in your world.


Tiny Gates Add-On

Tiny redstone is a vanilla-focused mod. Most components are very similar to their vanilla counterparts. To make even more powerful and compact integrated circuits, check out the add-on mod Tiny Gates.


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Yes, I would love to see this mod in your open source modpack. Curseforge packs are always okay, anywhere else, a link back to this page is appreciated.


Issues and Feature Requests


Please submit bugs and feature requests using the Issues link above. Be sure to include the mod version, forge version and any relevant crash reports. This mod is in beta, and therefore, may have some bugs and minor design issues. If you do find any problems or have ideas for improvements, I would be most grateful for your input.


Credits, Acknowledgements and Thanks


Inspiration for this mod comes from many mods and vanilla Redstone, of course. Probably at the top of the list is Super Circuit Maker. Although there are many differences, I have long since missed being able to create my own compact redstone circuits, and made this mod to fulfill that deep longing. Thanks also goes to the Forge team and to the many mod authors who came before me. Without their community contributions, this would not have been possible.


Special thanks to lublak for extensive early beta testing, German translations and many great feature additions!


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