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Ever tired of blocks changing? Think that some changing blocks look nice? This mod is for you!


Not What It Seems adds many new blocks which provide alternatives to blocks which change, such as grass, crops, or saplings.


To start off, just make a Copier, then put some stuff in, along with paper. All of the items but the paper will not be consumed.


Along with that, several cardboard blocks (chorus fruit and mushroom blocks as examples) can be shift-clicked to change the face that you're looking at. 2 new keybinds (I and O by default) will select the inverse face that you're looking at or select both faces on the axis you're looking at, respectively.


To change the block's look (for crops, passion vines, bamboo, pickerelweed, and other similar blocks) just shift-click them. To change bamboo's age, you need to regularly click it; shift-clicking will change the leaves. Soil blocks (grass, podzol, mycelium, glowcelium, and poismoss) can be crafted with one wheat seed to give their texture on all sides.


The Void Blocks are another kind of blocks, crafted with 4 obsidian and 1 ender pearl. They look like End Gateways. The following variants exist for them:

-Hardened (work as solid blocks) : Craft with glass

-Dilluted (Nether portal texture) : Craft with a water bucket

-Restrained (Size of the portal) : Click with shears

All of these are compatible with all other variants.


Mod Compat

-Quark by Vazkii, McVinnyQ, and WireSegal

-Swamp Expansion by Farcr, bageldotjpg, IAmNotJackson, McVinnyQ, and pugzfordayz132

-Upgrade Aquatic by McVinnyQ, paradiscal, SnakeBlock1, PricelessKoala, SmellyModder, bageldotjpg, and IAmNotJackson

-Endergetic Expansion by endergized, IAmNotJackson, Timinations, SmellyModder, and generrosity

-Bloomful by bageldotjpg, endergized, IAmNotJackson, and pugzfordayz132

-Atmospheric by paradiscal, bageldotjpg, and IAmNotJackson

-Autumnity by Markus1002 and paradiscal

-Buzzier Bees by bageldotjpg, Farcr, paradiscal, IAmNotJackson, and SmellyModder


Logo by Shock_Micro 






No, and I'd highly advise against saying this on my server.

Can I add this to my modpack?


Can I port this mod to 1.12/Fabric/whatever?

Yes, just credit me.

Can you add compat for [MOD]?

Yes! Just tell me the mod, and ideally also tell me the specifics of what to add. I'm not an expert on every mod.