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Explore colorful flower forest and build with a new wood type!

Wisteria Wood

Wisteria Wood is craftable into everything normal wood can be crafted into, except Signs and Boats (for now).

Wisteria Leaves and Vines

Wisteria Leaves and Vines come in 4 colors: Blue, Pink, Purple, and White. Vines have a unique model that gives Wisteria Trees a look similar to that of willow trees. They are also climbable.

Wisteria Trees

Wisteria Trees generate as any of the 4 Wisteria colors. They spawn in Flower Forests and the new Wisteria Forests. They can also generate in Forests, Plains, Dark Oak Forests, Birch Forests, Swamps, and Jungles, though less often. They only spawn Pink in Jungles and Blue in Swamps.


Delphiniums come as any of the 4 Wisteria colors. They spawn in Flower Forests and Wisteria Forests, and can be crafted into 2 of their respective Dye.


This mod was made possible through Endergized, an extremely talented texture artist and modeler. Check out other mods worked on by him:

A big thanks to Josh for completely remaking the Wisteria Trees' generation to look amazing <3


Language Credits:

English - Pugz

Mexican and Spanish - Rohan

Russian - Bratiswolf

French - Arobazz

Polish - Dolores_McDoodle

Chinese - qsefthuopq



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