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No. Lives


This is a simple mod which gives players a certain amount of lives. When these lives reach 0, then the player will be set to Spectator mode.

There is also a heart item and heart block which enable player to gain more lives. However, these do not generate anywhere or have crafting recipes - they're there to be added in by other means mainly with mod pack creators in mind.

Plenty of the mod is configurable, so be sure to check out the configs!


You can use the /lives command in-game:

  • /lives
    Shows how many lives you have left
  • /lives list
    Shows how many lives everyone who's been on the server have left
  • /lives <add|sub|set> [playerName] <amount>
    Add, subtract or set an amount of lives to a player. Enter no player name to do it to yourself.

If there's a config or feature you'd like, please post a suggestion in the comments or create a new issue using the link above and I'll get back to you.



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