Mechanical Crafting

7,584 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 12, 2021 Game Version: 1.12.2

This is an addon for mystical mechanics that adds several machines like a mechanically driven automatic crafting table. These can be used to add some low-tech automation to your modded minecraft experience.

Mechanical Crafter

The mechanical crafter allows you to set a recipe in its crafting grid and will use mechanical power from a connected axle or gearbox to craft. It will take input items from any side until there's two items in every stack. The crafting result and byproducts will be spit into the world or inserted into an inventory such as a chest or another mechanical crafter. The amount of power (and therefore time) can be configured and is dependent on the amount of items used to craft.

A hopper inserting into a mechanical crafter which is dropping wood planks


Sturdy Gearbox

The sturdy gearbox will allow you to convert Immersive Engineering rotation from windmills and waterwheels into mechanical power. The conversion rate can be changed in the configs.


Mechanical Bellows

The mechanical bellows allow you to speed up furnaces while keeping the fuel usage the same. The efficiency can be changed in the configs.


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