Thaumic Periphery

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Thaumic Periphery


  • A caster's gauntlet that uses ember from Embers instead of vis
  • A caster's gauntlet that uses mana from Botania instead of vis
  • Renderers for some of Thaumcraft's baubles (Can be disabled in the config file)
    • Mundane Belt
    • Fancy Belt
    • Mundane Amulet
    • Fancy Amulet
    • Focus Pouch
    • Vis Stone
    • Amulet of Vis
  • Pauldron
    • Bauble (goes in the body slot)
    • Adds 2 points of armor and 1 point of armor toughness
  • Pauldron of Repulsion
    • Knocks back all nearby mobs when the wearer is hit
    • Has a five second cooldown
    • Adds armor and armor toughness
  • Malignant Heart
    • Bauble (Goes in charm slot)
    • Increases attack damage by 50%
    • Decreases maximum life by 50%
  • Conjurer's Quiver
    • Bauble (goes in body slot)
    • Can be charged with vis
    • When worn, can provide bows (even modded bows) with magical arrows to shoot using vis
    • Only works when no other ammo sources can be found
  • Vis Phylactery
    • Bauble (goes in amulet slot)
    • Works like an amulet of vis
    • Can store up to 300 vis to charge items with
    • Only charges when there is at least 50 vis in the local aura
  • Brass Gear
    • Only enabled if Mystical Mechanics API is installed
  • Changes the alchemical brass recipe to use copper instead of iron (Can be disabled in the config file)
    • Only works if a mod that adds copper is installed
  • Phantom ink (from Botania) compatibility for all baubles this mod adds a renderer for


Feel free to include this mod in any modpacks, no need to ask for permission.


If you have any questions, leave a comment or ask me on discord.