Moloch the Consumer

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Moloch, inspired by the industrial god of the 1927 film Metropolis,  is the all-seeing and all-consuming tyrant ruler, in block form. Periodically, he will demand to be fed large quantities of various items. You may choose to ignore his requests, but doing so will lead to punishments. Satiating Moloch will yield rewards (or perhaps merely prevent retribution).


Moloch is in early development. Currently, demands and punishments need to be set by a server operator / puppeteer by way of commands or functions.

Interactions are mediated by the "Moloch Heart" block (only placeable/removable in Creative Mode).


Moloch heart block in its "natural habitat"

Right-click on the block to show the interface, which indicates what Moloch wants (and how much) and the remaining time before he gets angry. Items can be fed to him through this same interface. Demands are configured by editing the Heart's block data.

Moloch interface


For more information, including how administrators can configure Moloch, see our GitHub: https://github.com/Concordia-Modding-Community/moloch