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Minewatch brings Minecraft and Overwatch together! Overwatch heroes, armor, and weapons usable in Minecraft.


If you encounter any bugs, please tell us about them here.
We can't fix bugs if we don't know about them!


Please let us know what you want to see added in the mod next by taking these polls!
What type of content do you want us to focus on adding? (poll started April 7th)
Which Overwatch hero should we add to Minewatch next? (poll started March 17th)

Attention Skin / Map Makers!

Attention Skin / Map Makers!

If you would like to submit a new skin or map to us for use in the mod, send us a message or leave a comment for us and we will add it in the next update! Please make sure that anything you want to submit meets these requirements:

  • It must be an original skin/map, so we can credit the original creator; it cannot be an edited version of someone else’s content.
  • It must be hosted on a common skin/map hosting website, like planetminecraft or minecraftskins. We will not accept anything from websites with anonymous posters, re-posters, or from image-sharing websites.

If you are the creator of a skin / map featured in the mod and would like it removed for any reason, please let us know and we will do so immediately.

Heroes Available:

Each hero has a full set of armor, weapon(s), and a token. 

Hero Mobs:

Hero Mobs are monsters that wear and use heroes' equipment, attacks, and abilities. There are many customization options for them in the config to control what they attack, how they attack, when they spawn, what they drop, and more. By default, they have a higher drop chance of tokens and can drop their heroes' equipment; they are a good source of armor and weapons in survival. They can spawn naturally or be spawned in with spawn eggs. 



Each hero has a token associated with them. The token is used to craft the weapons and armors for the respective hero. The weapons are crafted with one token alone, whereas the armor are crafted with an iron armor piece with one token. Tokens are dropped at 1/100 chance from mobs by default (can be changed in config).

Minewatch Tab:

This tab can be used to find Overwatch maps, change your heroes' armor skins, and easily access the mod’s configurations. It can be found in the survival inventory and as a creative tab.

Map-Making Tools:

Team Stick: creative-only item that makes working with Minecraft teams easy.

Health Pack: creative-only block that heals when walked on and takes time to respawn. There are small and large Health Packs. They can be hacked by Sombra.

Team Spawn: creative-only block that players and mobs can respawn at. They spawn facing the direction of the arrow. They will also be healed and can access hero selection within the radius of the Team Spawn.

Death Block: creative-only block that kills mobs and players (in survival or adventure mode) that touch it. Can be used to mimic falling off the map.

Push Block: creative-only block that pushes mobs and players that touch it. Can be used to mimic roofs that can't be stood on.


/minewatch hero <hero|random> [target] equips you/target with armor and weapon(s) for hero.

/minewatch syncConfigToServer syncs your config to the server (in multiplayer).

/minewatch teamSpawn <name> <activate|deactivate> activates/deactivates a Team Spawn.

/minewatch ult <target> [charge] sets a target's ultimate charge percent

/minewatch reset [flags] the master command to “reset” Minewatch games, currently kills and respawns entities that can respawn at Team Spawns.

/lobby removes team, clears inventory, and respawns you at the nearest available Team Spawn (disabled by default)


These servers feature Minewatch as the primary mod. If you have a public server with Minewatch on it, let us know and we will add it to this list. To discuss Minewatch servers, join our discord.

Official Server
Minecraft Version:
Minewatch Version:
Mikirae#6969 (discord)
Current maps are Ilios and Chateau.

Minecraft Version:
Minewatch Version:
Rackneh#1915 (discord)
Survival Minewatch.


Q: Can you add ____ hero?
A: Yes, but it is a slow process so do not expect them all anytime soon. You can go to the poll above to vote for who you want next, so we know who to work on when we get time.

Q: Can you add abilities/ultimates?
A: We’re working on them, I promise!

Q: Can you add content from the Overwatch PTR?
A: No, we will wait until changes are added to the main Overwatch game before we consider adding them to the mod.

Q: Can I use the mod in a modpack?
A: If the modpack is private and / or it downloads the mod through Curse / CurseForge, then yes.

Q: How do I make hero mobs fight each other?
A: Watch the Team Stick video for a demonstration.

Q: Why is my skin showing through the armor?
A: Update your Forge version.

Q: Can you port this to an earlier version of Minecraft?
A: No, versions before 1.12.2 are outdated. Please update to a more recent version.

Q: Wen r nxt updat com out???!?????????!!!???????
A: We give an estimated release range at the top of the post; we can't get more specific.



All heroes, weapons, models, and sounds featured in this mod belong to Blizzard Entertainment, Battle.net, and Overwatch. We do not take credit for any of these features; this mod is solely a re-imagining of Overwatch in Minecraft.

Additional Credits:

Model Credits:
-Reaper Shotgun and Reinhardt Hammer: https://www.reddit.com/user/Kamyflex
-Genji Shuriken: overwatch-Genji by LeoZack is licensed under CC Attribution https://skfb.ly/6pJrD
-Tracer Pistol Low poly | Tracer Overwatch Gun by Franz Perez is licensed under CC Attribution
-Hanzo Bow: Hanzo Bow by backer is licensed under CC Attribution
-Hanzo Arrow: Overwatch - Hanzo's Arrow by beyondmatter is licensed under CC Attribution
-McCree Pistol and Soldier Rifle by Rexx Art

Hero Skin Credits:
-Credit for each skin can be found by clicking on the ? button next to the skin in the inventory survival tab

Map Credits:

-Credit for each map is shown on the image of the map, and the link to play each map leads to the map creator's page for the map.


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