Block Armor

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Block Armor adds armor made from many blocks, including blocks from other mods! They have different stats and set effects when worn, and the armor textures support resource packs!



Additional Mods:

If other mods with blocks are added, there will be armor added for most of those blocks.


Armor Sets:

For each valid block, a full set of armor items (helmet, chestplate, leggings, and boots) will be added. Each item is crafted using the desired block in the shape the armor is normally crafted in, and can be repaired using that block as well.


Resource Packs:

The armor textures will change with the block texture when a resource pack is added.


Animated Textures:

Armor made from blocks with an animated texture will also have an animated texture.


Set Effects:

While wearing at least the number of pieces required for set effects (specified in config), certain armor sets gain special effects and bonuses!



1.16.5+: config is located in world/serverconfig/blockarmor-server.toml

You can easily choose to enable or disable any armor sets or set effects in the config. You can also change settings for the number of pieces required for set effects, whether or not set effects use durability, etc.


Video Spotlight:




Texture Credits for pre v2.0:

Quartz: DestinyShiva

Snow: Aisumi



  • Anyone is more than welcome to create videos, spotlights, playthroughs, etc. with this mod
  • This mod can be used in any modpacks as long as the mod is downloaded through this website (CurseForge)




Added Vanilla armor sets:

  • All Beds
  • All Shulker Boxes
  • Chest
  • Composter
  • Blast Furnace
  • Smoker
  • Bee Nest
  • BeeHive
  • Barrel
  • Honey Block
  • Jukebox

Added Set Effects:

  • Rocky: Sink like a rock underwater
  • Sleepy: Sleep anywhere instantly
  • Hoarder: Provides storage wherever you go
  • Undying: Saves you from death
  • Respawn: Teleports you to your respawn point before death

Changed Set Effects:

  • Auto Smelt: now works with mob drops as well
  • Diving Suit: added Aqua Affinity
  • Ender: teleport should be much more accurate and works for shorter distances as well
  • Tweaked which armors get set effects (may need to delete your config to update)


  • Fixed the issue with inventory icons sometimes missing textures
  • Fixed a crash when block armor breaks
  • Fixed Cactus armor texture
  • Fixed Enchanting Table armor texture


  • Ported to 1.16.5
  • Rebalanced armor stats
  • Revamped config to allow more customization like changing armor stats and set effects
  • Added sound effects to Time Control set effect
  • Health Boost set effect will restore your boosted health on login / after respawning


  • NEW: Added 9 new Vanilla armor sets:
    • Soul Sand
    • Oak Leaves
    • Birch Leaves
    • Spruce Leaves
    • Jungle Leaves
    • Acacia Leaves
    • Dark Oak Leaves
    • Ender Chest
    • Note Block
  • NEW: Added 7 new Set Effects:
    • Feeder: Automatically feeds the wearer
    • Musical: Every step you take becomes a musical melody
    • Lightweight: Fall slowly, like a leaf in the wind
    • Crafter: Opens a crafting screen
    • Ender Hoarder: Provides access to your ender chest
    • Soft Fall: Provides immunity to fall damage
    • Slow Motion: Live life in the slow lane
  • NEW: Config has been completely revamped to make it much easier to enable/disable armor sets or set effects:
    Enabling and disabling items no longer requires a restart
    • Armor pieces required for Set Effects to activate can now be set to 1-4 (previously only supported 3-4, but could have been changed outside that range by manually editing the config - which may have caused issues)
    • Added an option to toggle whether or not some set effects use armor durability when performing their effect
  • Fix: AutoSmelt now works properly with Veinminer
  • Fix: Absorbent now works properly again
  • The system for assigning set effects has been tweaked and may give armor sets from modded blocks different set effects
  • AutoSmelt can now be toggled with the keybind
  • The Emerald armor set is now crafted with Emerald Blocks, as it should be
  • Lucky has been buffed and now provides +3 Luck, Fortune IV, and Looting IV
  • Slimey now provides increased speed when bouncing off floors and reduced speed bouncing off walls
  • Slippery now provides increased speed
  • Puller’s range and power have been increased



  • NEW: Added config option to set the number of armor pieces that need to be worn to activate set effects
  • New: A set effect will now activate if you have the required number of armor pieces with the set effect, even if the armor pieces are from different armor sets (i.e. the Invisibility set effect will now activate if you are wearing different types of stained glass armor)
  • Armor with enchantments from set effects will not render the enchantment effect on the player unless it has another non-set-effect enchantment as well



  • NEW: Set effects have been completely reworked!
  • NEW: Armor sets can have multiple set effects!

  • NEW: Armor sets created from modded blocks can have set effects!

  • NEW: Some set effects are now activated with a keybind (default is ‘R’)

  • NEW: There are now 27 different set effects with many more planned!

  • Set effect cooldowns now use the vanilla cooldown tracker system




Added 8 new armor sets:

  • Beacon
  • Dispenser
  • Dropper
  • Enchanting Table
  • Repeating Command Block
  • Chain Command Block
  • Command Block
  • Cactus

Added 12 new set effects:

  • Repeating Command Block - rewind time
  • Chain Command Block - stop time
  • Normal Command Block - speed up time
  • Beacon - all beacon effects
  • Cactus - thorns, damage collided entities
  • TNT - boom
  • Furnace - auto smelt
  • Sponge - pick up fluids in radius
  • Dispenser - release arrows
  • Piston - pushes away nearby entities
  • Sticky Piston - pulls in nearby entities
  • Prismarine - depth strider and respiration


  • Translucent sets with enchantments now render properly


  • Reduced End stone set effect cooldown when teleport fails
  • Added cooldown timer to tooltip when cooldown is active



New: Armor is automatically generated from registered blocks (including modded blocks)!
New: Armor textures and models are procedurally generated using a block’s texture (including resource packs)
New: Armor stats are automatically calculated based on their corresponding block’s traits
New: Armor can be repaired with the block that it’s crafted from
Fix: Set effect cooldowns work properly on servers


Fixed crash when wearing non ItemArmor items.


Changed snow armor crafting to only blocks.

Discontinued versions before 1.10.2.

Added armor set effects to:

  • netherrack
  • obsidian
  • bedrock
  • lapis
  • redstone
  • endstone
  • brick
  • slime
  • snow
  • emerald
  • dark prismarine
  • sugarcane
  • quartz


Added new sets:

  • cobblestone
  • granite
  • polished granite
  • diorite
  • polished diorite
  • andesite
  • polished andesite


Initial release