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Filename Minewatch-1.12.X-3.13.jar
Uploaded by Furgle
Uploaded Apr 28, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 53.16 MB
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MD5 fcb4a13e86015254ace461d451814f10
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New: Added Ultimates:

Sombra’s EMP

Roadhog’s Whole Hog

New: Added changes to match recent Overwatch patches

New: Keybinds have been rebound to match Overwatch default keybinds

They will override vanilla keybinds when appropriate

New: Added config options:

Give saturation while wearing full set of armor

Auto-run while wearing full set of armor

Reassign sneak while wearing full set and holding weapon

New: Added / updated translations:

Added Dutch translation by Niedly

Updated Russian translation by MeoWero

Updated Ukrainian translation by MeoWero

Updated Catalan translation by Sargu

Updated Spanish (Spain) translation by Sargu


New: Particle settings now apply to projectile trail particles

Fix: Pharah’s Ultimate particles have been decreased

Fix: Heroes can now heal themselves properly in FFA teams again

Fix: Death and Push blocks no longer connect to other blocks (i.e. glass panes or fences)

Fix: Most abilities / attacks will now ignore barrier blocks

Fix: Hacked Health Packs while on a FFA team will now be colored correctly

Fix: Temporary items in the offhand (Sombra’s hack, Junkrat’s trigger, etc.) should no longer replace the weapon on the client randomly

Fix: Packets now work properly with the newest Forge releases