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Better minecart rotation (Fabric)


Better minecart rotation (Fabric)

For Forge:


To be able to use this mod, you have to have Fabric-loader and Fabric-api installed.

The latest version requires the latest Fabric loader and API

The mod is client-side only.


When you turn with minecart, but you still look to the last direction and you want to change this, this mod is for you.




F7 - toggle mod -you can reconfigure the key in the control menu



smooth mode - makes the rotation smooth


smart mode - the minecart's rotation is unreliable, I'm calculating from the speed. It's trying to find out when the minecart crashes into a wall/entity or just makes an u-turn.
It has a threshold - you can try to change its value.


roller-coaster mode - makes you see forward. Good for roller-coasters, don't recommend for anything else.


# The project has been merged into [Blanket tweaks](Blanket - Mods - Minecraft - CurseForge)