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Indroducing the Spell Focus

Spell Focus items


Foci are craftable items which a caster can channel their energy into to activate spells. Usually this takes the form of Stamina, which regenerates over time, but many other resources are rumored to exist, such as Rage, Vengeance, Blood, and Chaos.


When a spell is activated, it takes on two elements based on the nature of its effects.

Governing Elements

Holy: Governs selfless magic, as well as far-reaching or universal magic.

Undeath: Governs animation of nonliving objects, as well as life drains.

Arcane: Governs magic that exclusively benefits the caster.

Chaos: Governs uncontrollable or unintended side effects.

Classical Elements

Nature: Governs most heals, poisons, bleeds, and spells that affect plant life.

Frost: Governs unchanging effects such as caster-centered auras, wards, and passive powerups.

Air: Governs location-based spells, remote activation, or magical travel.

Fire: Governs straightforward effects like projectiles, beams, or weapon ehancements.



The spell system was built to accommodate third-party addons, spell wards, magic armor, charms, and more. Spells have their own events, and can define new magic resources - all the sync-to-client is already covered.



The config is hjson, and synced to client on connect, so an individual server can tune every built-in spell at their own discretion in an intuitive format.


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