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This mod requires both Little Tiles, IGCM and CreativeCore made by Team Creative. If you don't know what Little Tiles is it is an amazing mod for anyone who enjoys building in Minecraft. With this mod addon you can upload any image as long as it is smaller than 98 by 98 pixels by default from either your desktop or a URL link into Minecraft as a Little Tile Structure. You can also print out any block as a static texture, meaning that no matter where you place it the texture will not move as it does normally in Little Tiles. You can easily upload a painting or a looping texture to create wallpaper, flooring/ceiling, or get a texture for building miscellaneous structures.


Huge Thank you to CreativeMD!


How to use the printer:


LittleTiles, IGCM and CreativeCore are REQUIRED!


Here are examples of what you can make using images I found on Google. I do not own any of the textures or paintings. 










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