Kiro's Basic Blocks

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ATTENTION: If you use VanillaFix and somehow the animated textures are frozen, make sure that the config option: "textureFixes" is set to false. Thanks to elkrecio for reporting the issue.

If you use Optifine, make sure to disable SmartAnimations, otherwise animations in LT structures will only play out when you have the same block placed nearby or in your inventory. Thanks to CityBuilder for reporting the issue and Rainnifer for providing a solution.





What is this mod about?

 Example Blocks


This mod adds a variety of blocks for use with LittleTiles. These blocks are white colored so they can be edited to any color using LittleTiles' Paint Brush tool. These textures are included, but not limited to different brick, wood and stone varieties, as well as animated blocks, such as blinking emissive lights and blocks of different light levels. The intention is to offer blocks that can be used in a variety of building styles and themes.


Click here to download LittleTiles!


Thanks to CreativeMD and N247S for LittleTiles!


And a special thanks to TacoRedneck and _Doc for helping with testing and giving feedback. Love you! <3



What blocks are included?


A lot! Check the picture above for a brief sample.


And here's how hot they look like when painted with the LittleTiles' Paint Brush:


Coloring Example


What are the plans for the future?


- Make alternative textures for existing blocks (such as a different wooden and marble textures);
- New blocks!
- New animated textures!

- New non white textures (less versatible, but often looks better)

- Extra LittleTiles functionality;

- A proper recipe system integrated into LittleTiles.



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