Little Opener

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Little Opener

A little mod I made to work with LittleTiles by adding redstone/remote activation to the mod. All it does is add a block that runs the /lt-open command at coordinates set either manually in the block's GUI, or transferred in via the Coordinate Setter. You can just shift-click a LittleTile, shift-click a Little Opener and you're good to go. You can activate it with redstone, and also by right clicking the block. Right clicking the block directly and the max range (default 25 blocks) are configurable.

The structures you can make are impressive, but it's a bit limiting having to right click a door to make it activate. There is a work-around in the mod involving command blocks, but that's not something you can use in survival. So, I made this mod. It requires LittleTiles and Shadowfacts' Forgelin.


This is my first released mod, things may be broken. It's fairly simple, but you've been warned. If you run into any issues, please let me know on GitHub!

Also, the developer of LittleTiles is working on official redstone support, so this mod will likely become obsolete in the future.


An example use, for doors:

Closed doors

Open doors


How the opener and wand work:

Wand and opener

Opener GUI


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