8,206 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 19, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.1

This mod is no longer being developed. Anyone can continue it or use any of it's parts under the MIT license.


The tears that fall from crying obsidian have a surprising amount of magical power.

This mod requires the fabric apias well as Cotton Resources and Patchouli (Fabric).

Make sure to get at least Patchouli-1.16-37-FABRIC.jar, if it does not say fabric it is for forge.


To start, a guide for these powers can be found by using a book on the block in question. From there, craft yourself a silver crucible and do some experiments. This guide book, the ingame recipe book, and many advancements are arranged to lead you forwards.


Create large rune arrays that can teleport, heal, move blocks, change mob spawners, and give you new abilities.

Collect tarot cards made from the souls of your enemies.

Build invulnerable walls out of magical power.

All from the tears that collect in a crucible.



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