Recreation of the long lost Bacteria Mod by TeNNoX.

This mod requires the fabric api


Genetically engineered bacteria to eat parts of or all of your world. Destroy all the sand in a desert, or just turn it all into grass.

Either way you want to go, be careful with these powerful bacteria colonies.


Start out by crafting some Must,

Then put it into some water to grow.

A Lot.

Once you have enough, compress 9 together and make your colony, either to replace your world,

(By placing this block on top of what you want to replace, and then the thing you want it to become on top of that)

or to destroy it.

(By placing all the blocks you want to remove on top of this, and then powering it).

Remember to craft a Jammer just in case.


WARNING: The Bacteria in this mod can break bedrock and duplicate diamonds.

BacteriumLimits.zip is a datapack that can be downloaded from the files page to add some basic restrictions.