A simple and modular api for making powerful multi-tools and universal wrenches.

Requires Fabric API


This is a simple wrench that can rotate vanilla blocks and any mod blocks that use the same properties. List of rotatable blocks

 For some more complicated blocks like rails and stairs, remember that sneaking will flip the block differently from normal rotating.


Crafting recipe


It can also be hooked into other mods, and full documentation on how to create new functions or tools can be found here.


SocketWrenchItem also adds unofficial/optional compatibility with Applied Energistics 2, Modern Industrialization, Reborn Core and Industrial Revolution

Socket Wrenches will work on machines from those mods, not the other way around.


If Immersive Portals is installed, a Portal Adjuster tool will also be added that lets creative players move and rotate portals quickly and easily with one item.


Officially connected mods will soon include Lacrimis and Sonic Devices