Just Enough Effect Descriptions

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đź“– About đź“–

Just Enough Effect Descriptions (JEED) is a JEI/REI plugin that provides useful information regarding status effects.

Note for EMI users: if you want to use this mod you will also need JEI installed along EMI


The mod adds a new Effects recipe category accessed either by clicking any of the newly added status effect icons on the JEI item screen or by clicking an active effect from its box on the inventory screen.


Here you'll be able to view information regarding such status effect such as items that can provide it or its description as well as which mod it's from or its effect color.



🧪 Customization🧪

The mod automatically adds all registered status effect to its page, however modded effects won't had a description.


Modders can easily add such descriptions to their effect by adding the string "effect.[mod_id].[effect_name].description" to their language file.


As a Modded you can also use the JeedAPI class to register screen extension for your screen or vanilla classes to tell Jeed where effects are rendered to make them clickable


Since the mod can only automatically detect food items as effect providing ones, mod developers can also easily add support to their custom effect or effect providing items by adding some recipes into their mod.


To do so one can simply use one of the two newly added recipes categoris:

  • "jeed:effect_provider", which allows one to specify an item that can provide an effect in the following format:
"type": "jeed:effect_provider",
"effect": "minecraft:haste"
"providers": [
"item": "minecraft:beacon"


  • "jeed:potion_provider", which allows one to specify an item that can contain any registered potion like tipped arrows for example:
"type": "jeed:potion_provider",
"providers": [
"item": "minecraft:splash_potion"
"item": "minecraft:tipped_arrow"


If you would like to help me provide build in description support for many modded effect be sure to contact me on my discord! 



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