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Just Another Compass Mod



Just Another Compass Mod adds in 6 new vanilla compasses and 5 new modded ones to help you find generated structures in your world.

The aim of this mod is to create compasses for as many structure mods as possible, currently supported mods include The Midnight and Valhelsia Structures.

Each Compass can be disabled individually in the config.

A full list of compasses can be found in the spoiler below.




Ender Compass

 Molten Compass

Emerald Compass

Mansion Compass

Monument Compass

Chorus Compass


The Midnight

 Phantom Compass

Miasma Compass


Valhelsia Structures

 Smithing Compass

Gold Compass

Honey Compass



I strongly recommend installing JEI for the recipes!

Want me to add support to another mod? Feel free to message me about it with your ideas (and maybe some textures too!)



Feel free to include Just Another Compass Mod in modpacks without asking my permission, just credit me in your mod page. I'd appreciate it if you left a comment letting me know so I can come check it out! If you want to share a download link to the mod, please use the CurseForge link so it counts towards the download count.



I do not give permission for anybody unless explicitly stated to reupload this or any adapted version of this mod on curseforge or any other site, if you want it on another site for whatever reason, please contact me.

Feel free to use adapted parts of JACM's code for your project.



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