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Feathers is a simple and well-integrated stamina mechanic for Minecraft


🧾 About:

Feathers adds a set of blue feathers above the hunger bar to be used by other mods as a stamina system. The amount of feathers the player has access to is entirely dependent on the weight of their armor. Armor weight is automatically calculated but can be overwritten in the Config! The mod also contains a series of potion effects that directly affect the feathers mechanic, as well as a super simple to use API for modders to add their own support!



⚓ Armor Weights:

By default, every armor item in the game (both vanilla and modded) now has a weight. Weight directly affects the number of feathers players can use, indicated by steel feathers.

Steel Feathers

This encourages players to make decisions in combat that hadn't mattered before. Better armor means better protection, however less maneuverability, whereas a worse armor set would lead to more damage taken if hit, but more available stamina!

🧪 Potion Effects:

Feathers adds 3 new potion effects to the game! All displayed on the feathers bar in a Vanilla+ style.

🏅 Endurance: Adds a set of extra feathers above the bar, similar to how the absorption effect influences health.

⚡ Energized: Feathers regenerate a lot faster!

⛄ Cold: Brr! Feathers no longer regenerate whilst this effect is active.

👀 More coming soon!


🏆 Mods Using Feathers:

💨 Elenai Dodge 2 - Uses feathers to dive out the way of attacks! 

💎 Actions of Stamina by the amazing ccr4ft3r - Running, jumping and crawling all require stamina!

❗ Your mod here! Feathers has a super simple API for mod developers to use. Why not make a mod that makes sprinting require stamina? Or running, or jumping, or something entirely different? Feathers makes these systems incredibly easy to implement for mod developers. Once you're done making a mod using the mechanic, let me know and I'll add it to this list!


MASSIVE thanks to BookerCatch for their amazing work on the attributes system!


If you discover any issues or incompatibilities with the mod, please report them here.