Render the GUI and screens at a lower framerate to speed up what's really important: the worldrendering.


Renders the GUI at a lower fixed framerate (configurable in the settings), freeing up CPU and GPU time for the world rendering. There is no good reason to render the hotbar at 100+ FPS.


  • Render the gui at a lower framerate (configurable in the settings)
  • Speedup gui rendering during fade animations (configurable in the settings)
  • Render screens at a lower framerate (configurable in the settings)
  • Pre-render sign text(glowing signs render multiple times each frame in vanilla)
  • Buffer full screen name-tags to reduce the amount of draw calls in game lobbies


This is still work in progress software! There will be visual issues/compatibility issues with other mods!

Affected vanilla features

  • Overlays (except Vignette)
  • Hotbar (all parts of it)
  • Crosshair
  • Bossbars
  • Debug Screen (F3 Menu)
  • Titles
  • Scoreboard
  • Chat
  • All Screens(except the main menu)(including the pause menu, inventory, crafting, etc.)

Tested and working with

  • Sodium
  • Iris
  • Optifine(not recommended/officially supported)
  • AppleSkin
  • Better Ping Display
  • Chat Heads
  • Detail Armor Bar
  • WTHIT (What the hell is that?)
  • JourneyMap
  • ToroHealth Damage Indicator
  • BetterF3

Not compatible

  • VulkanMod
  • High resolution fonts on signs(disable buffering in the config)
  • Caxton(same issue as above)
  • Inventorio
  • MiniHUD(bug on their side, the fps counter shows the gui fps instead of the world fps)
  • Canvas
  • Many other mods that render their own GUI elements, the wilder the mod, the more likely it is to not work with this mod.


Forge support?


Does this work with mod xyz?

I don't know, I haven't tested it with every mod out there. If you find a mod that doesn't work with this mod, you can report it on Github(but there is no guarantee that it will be fixed).

Backport to 1.16.5/1.12.2/1.8.9?

No backports are planned. Mainly due to engine limitations in older versions.