Inmis Backpack Retextured


Inmis Backpack Mod Retextured
This mod for fabric and needs to be installed both server side and client to work for multiplayer and it expands storage with various backpack sizes, created from the Inmis Backpack Mod and replaces the 2D models and tweaks some crafting recipes, You do NOT need to install the original mod along side this as this mod is standalone you only need the Fabric API




By default right_clicking with a backpack in your hand to open it or by pressing to open from your inventory or chestplate armor slot, this can be changed in your control settings.


If Tinkers is installed as well you are able to use the Tinkers slot to equip the backpack, For viewing the contents without opening ShulkerBoxTooltip works great for this.




I have since moved away from using fabric mods as I maintain a vanilla-esc networking server with a good friend so if you have any questions about the mod or want to support us you can find me at Nomad Nation where you can open a ticket or just @Just__Ju.


This project was originally maintained from GitHub, where under the raw files branch you will find all the resources used to update the original mod, there you will also find a tutorial on how to create your very own models and I would love to see what you have created so if you have created a model and would like it to be included in the downloads section of this curseforge page please open a issue on github with your model files and credit will of course be given.


Inmis Retextured is under the MIT licence