Imperishable Items (Fabric)

2,690 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 20, 2021 Game Version: 1.18.1   +3

Adds an enchantment that prevents the item it's on from despawning or being destroyed. Additionally, if a tool with this enchantment reaches 0 durability, it won't break, but it will lose any special properties instead. Repairing the tool will restore those properties. For example, a pickaxe with this enchantment at 0 durability will lose it's increased mining speed. What the enchantment protects against can be configured. This mod is required on both the client and the server.


Requires Fabric API

Cloth Config API


Pickaxe with Imperishable reaching 0 durability


Throwing a pickaxe with Imperishable in fire


Broken pickaxe with Imperishable


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