Immersive Engineering

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Filename ImmersiveEngineering-1.18.2-8.2.0-151.jar
Uploaded by BluSunrize
Uploaded Aug 14, 2022
Game Version 1.18.2   +2
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MD5 7c2ef900293930d777acf617c8db6356
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- Overhauled the Bottling Machine (BluSunrize)
    - Had its internals adjusted to match other multiblocks
   - Now allows for multiple inputs in its recipes
    - Allows holding items until full
    - Improved documentation in the manual!
- Updated recipe for empty shells for revolver cartridges (BluSunrize)
   - Can now be made with resin in the bottling machine
    - In exchange, the normal recipe outputs a little less
- Change mineral survey tools to send positive messages to chat, makes it easier to look back on them (BluSunrize)
- Change a bunch of recipes! (BluSunrize & Silfryi)
   - Various tool upgrades got cheaper
   - Revolver recipe more closes matches the pattern of other tools
    - Many electrical blocks (transformers, tesla coils, external heaters) had their recipes changed
    - Connectors and relays now accept all colours of terracotta
    - Insulating glass is now made in the alloy kiln
    - Metal wallmounts are now crafted in larger amounts
- Add the Grinding Disk for the Buzzsaw, allowing it to quickly cut through metal (BluSunrize)
    - Also behaves like an axe when rightclicking, so it can strip woods and clean copper
- Add a blacklist for buzzsaw treecapitation (BluSunrize)
   - This is done with the block tag "immersiveengineering:buzzsaw/tree_blacklist"
   - By default, this blacklists Dynamic Trees, because they have their own mechanic for felling
- Add Ersatz Leather, a leather alternative crafted with hemp fabric and beeswax or plant oil (BluSunrize)
- Add recipes to break down prismarine blocks and press blaze powder into rods (BluSunrize)
- Add additional uses for slag (BluSunrize, Silfryi)
    - Slag glass blocks 50% of light passing through it and works as an insulator for HV relays
    - Slag gravel speeds up water plants growing on it (kelp) and can be crushed into sand
    - Slag recycling is now documented in the manual
- Improve the railgun (BluSunrize)
   - End rods are now valid projectiles, they are super effective against Endermen
   - All railgun projectiles have perfect accuracy now (but are still affected by gravity)
   - Tridents now have greatly increased speed (and thus range) when fired from a railgun
   - The manual now documents the various types of ammunition in more detail
- Change assembler to only use a single tank for a fluid, to allow better "filtering" (BluSunrize)
- Change Diesel Generator consume fuel every 10 ticks, allowing for more granular burntime configurations (Silfryi)
- Fix assembler creating buckets from nowhere for recipes that would consume them (BluSunrize)
- Fix advancements for upgrading drill, railgun, buzzsaw and revolver to being triggered (BluSunrize)
- Fix windmill sails not being saved properly (BluSunrize)
- Fix crash with CraftTweaker (BluSunrize)
- Fix crash with Minecolonies pathfinding (BluSunrize, Raycoms)
- Translations Added/Updated: ja_jp (karakufire)