Immersive Engineering

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Filename ImmersiveEngineering-1.15.2-4.1.0-122.jar
Uploaded by BluSunrize
Uploaded Oct 4, 2020
Game Version 1.15.2
Size 8.48 MB
Downloads 16,719
MD5 4b299e3b7f391a49045d5f88b58f341b
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Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.15 Versions


- Added the sawmill! It strips logs and cuts them into planks! (BluSunrize)

    - It also produces sawdust, which can be burnt in a furnace or crafted into paper!

    - It'll get more uses in the future :D

- Added blue ice to be used by the Thermoelectric Generator, nerfed packed ice in response (BluSunrize)

- Experimental recipe changes: (BluSunrize)

    - Doubled the burntime of Diesel in the generator

    - Allowed creosote to be very inefficient generator fuel

    - Increase sulfur output from coal, lapis and quartz

    - Increase gunpowder output from sulfur & saltpeter recipe

    - Reduced ethanol output from melon slices

- Allowed multiblock structures to be changed by data packs (Malte)

- Added potted hemp: You can now put hemp seeds in a flower pot! (BluSunrize)

- Changed the renders for waterwheels, windmills and bucket wheel to use VBOs (Malte)

- Changed various multiblocks to have smaller textures and draw their elements from central sheets (BluSunrize)

    - This will break existing resource packs that change multiblocks, but it makes them easier to create in the future!

- Changed chutes to act as inventories for hoppers, conveyors, etc (MalkContent)

- Changed chutes to insert properly into covered conveyors (MalkContent)

- Changed metal press and bottling machine to process items faster and improved their animations (MalkContent)

- Fixed GUI model for the alloy smelter (BluSunrize)

- Fixed crash with mineral veins being saved (BluSunrize)

- Fixed infinite crafting of firework rockets in the assembler (Malte)

- Fixed lighting in the assembler GUI (Malte)

- Fixed connectors being pushed by pistons if quark is installed (Malte)

- Fixed connectors accepting too much energy sometimes (Malte)

- Fixed recipes for steel, electrum and constantan dust (Malte)

- Fixed crash with potion bullets (BluSunrize)

- Fixed crash with the voting handler on MacOS (BluSunrize)

- Fixed rendering of fluids in world (Malte)

- Fixed issues with the mineral commands (Malte)

- Fixed crash related to non-bullet items in the gun turret (Malte)

- Fixed fluid pipes having janky behavior and rendering (MalkContent)