Immersive Engineering

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Filename ImmersiveEngineering-0.14-95.jar
Uploaded by BluSunrize
Uploaded Apr 19, 2020
Game Version Forge
Size 7.54 MB
Downloads 95,819
MD5 524fb3dc76f4286815c84951ec34acdc
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Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.14 Versions


  • Added the Buzzsaw! It cuts Trees! (BluSunrize)
  • Added full support for the new Villages! (BluSunrize)
    • Different houses based on biome
    • 5 different IE Villagers and their workstations:
      • Structural Engineer, using the new Engineer's Crafting Table
      • Machinist, using an Anvil
      • Electrician, using a Current Transformer
      • Gunsmith, using the Engineer's Workbench
      • Outfitter, using IE's Shader Banner
    • All IE villagers vary their outfit based on profession and biome
  • Re-Added Revolver Perks (BluSunrize)
  • Re-Added the Fluid Outlet (Malte)
  • Added the Firework Cartridge for the Revolver (BluSunrize)
  • Re-Added IE's Advancements (BluSunrize)
  • Re-Added the Maintenance Kit (BluSunrize)
  • Added the Engineer's Screwdriver (BluSunrize)
  • Added herbicide fluid. It kills leaves and grass (BluSunrize)
  • Re-Added Chutes (BluSunrize)
  • Added the Redstone Controlled conveyor (BluSunrize)
    • Normal conveyors now ignore redstone
    • This special one can be disabled with a signal
  • Added the Item Batcher! It collects items until a specified amount is reached, then sends them on (BluSunrize)
  • Added the Redstone Interface Connector! It allows blocks (like the Item Batcher) to send bundled redstone signals (BluSunrize)
  • Re-Added Ore Retrogeneration (phit / Malte)
  • Added "Igneous Rock" mineral vein which contains Granite, Diorite, Andesite and Obsidian (BluSunrize)
  • Changed Ear Protectors and Capacitor Backpack to no longer provide armor (BluSunrize)
  • Changed Dieselgen to emit more appropriate smoke particles (TwistedGate)
  • Changed Quarzite vein to only show up in the Nether (BluSunrize)
  • Enabled text overlay (previously colourblind mode) by default (BluSunrize)
  • Enabled metal blocks to be used as Beacon bases (BluSunrize)
  • Expanded available methods for addons (Malte)
  • Fixed countless bits of rendering (Malte & BluSunrize)
  • Fixed a few recipes (BluSunrize)
  • Fixed rendering for revolver cartridges (BluSunrize)
  • Fixed bug in Shaderbag distribution (BluSunrize)
  • Fixed faulty ore gen (Malte)
  • Fixed sync issues (Malte)
  • Fixed worldgen lag (Malte)
  • Fixed recipes for Crusher (Malte)
  • Fixed Probe Connectors (Malte)
  • Fixed Windmills's obstruction code (Malte)
  • Fixed collision on slabs (Malte)
  • Fixed Conveyors crashing on servers (Malte)
  • Fixed connections on Current Transformers (Malte)
  • Fixed missing particles (Malte)
  • Fixed furnace heater being oriented wrong (Malte)
  • Fixed crafting of treated wood with jerrycans (Malte)
  • Fixed Manual entries for Shaders, and other entries (BluSunrize)
  • Fixed wires not being craftable in metal press (Malte)
  • Fixed crashes in the Manual (Malte)
  • Fixed wrong sound when breaking hemp (gyroplast)
  • Fixed glitches with the Skyhook (Malte)
  • Fixed missing recipes for String and Torches (gyroplast)
  • Fixed drops from metal press breaking (Malte)
  • Fixed recipes not being added properly (Malte)
  • Fixed crash with razorwire (Malte)
  • Fixed distance limit on Dieselgen Sounds (BluSunrize)
  • Fixed conveyors crashing when dyed (BluSunrize)
  • Fixed in- & output on the assembler, and bugged recipe handling (BluSunrize)
  • Fixed various issues with the wire network (Malte)
  • Fixed an issue where some blocks allowed too many wires to be attached (Malte)
  • Fixed workbench, cloche and turret not dropping their inventory when their dummy blocks are broken (BluSunrize)