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Yellowbross's Extras


Boredom really is the best fuel source to creativity, isn't it?


Yellowbross's Extras is a fun little side mod acting as a repository for completely random mod ideas; specifically, ideas that wouldn't have fit in any other mod I made.

Note that ideas from this mod get pretty wacky overpowered. For obvious reasons, this mod is not meant for survival gameplay.



yes, he's supposed to look like that...

Defender is currently a WIP boss. This boss in particular is probably going to be the stupidest thing I add to Minecraft; here, let's just say this boss is going to be the most overdeveloped mob ever...

A ✸ means this attack is one of Defender's ultimate moves, which are only used when he reaches 0 HP.


Phase 1 - Weapons

Sword - A simple sword swing. Defender's most basic attack for this phase.

Axes - Defender throws a bunch of axes, dealing splash damage.

Boomerang - Defender throws a boomerang. Anything it hits is stunned temporarily for 10 seconds.

Buzzsaws - Defender creates buzzsaws and spins around, hitting and flinging everyone nearby. A great crowd control maneuver.

Spikes - Defender stomps the ground and creates spikes, then jumps and crashes to the ground, spawning even more spikes.

Claws - Defender will kick his opponent into the air, then jump up to attack them, dealing major damage.

Shuriken Launcher - Shoots a bunch of shurikens, which pierce targets. They also deal % damage.

Chainsaw - Defender shoots a chainsaw outward. Ignores I-frames for extreme damage if caught.

✸Excalibur - A rock and excalibur fall from the sky. Defender will grab the excalibur from the rock and start to spin, flying toward his target. This attack causes extreme damage to anyone caught within it.


Creeper Infection

A group of special creepers. These creepers attack everything they find, infecting their target if they kill them. Don't use these guys on worlds you care about if mobGriefing is enabled...


Sneaker - Has 3 variants. Normal (weakest), Super (red; larger explosion), and Vortex (pulls mobs in).

Paracreeper - A flying creeper head. Has the smallest explosion of the bunch.

Crawler - A larger creeper head on legs. Spawned from infecting larger mobs, it has a larger explosion that spawns more Sneakers.

Freaker - The largest creeper of the bunch, and with it the largest explosion. Spawns Crawlers upon exploding.

Sprayer - Spawned sometimes from ranged mobs, Sprayers shoot mini TNT to explode their targets without killing themselves in the process.



Will you port to (game version/modloader)?
-Yes, ports to newer versions are coming soon. Unfortunately, I've never learned Fabric though, and the codebase changes between updates mean supporting 2 different versions could take way more time for updates to release; one of my main goals is to keep up with the base game's updates, thus backports are *not* a priority to me. I may fix bugs in older versions from time to time, but for the most part no new content will be backported.


When will the update be ready?
-*When* it's ready. Modding can be painful; I may get stuck fixing a bug somewhere, porting could end up being a huge issue, personal things outside of modding such as school can get in the way, anything could happen that makes specifying release dates impossible.


The game crashed! What do I do?
-Thanks for reporting the crash; it's extremely important that I hear about crashes so that I can fix them in updates. But to help you, I need more information about the crash; most importantly, I need to see the crash report to figure out what happened. Create a new issue about the crash, upload your crash report to a website such as Pastebin, then link to it in your issue.


Can I put this mod in my modpack?
-Absolutely! Though I ask that if you do this, you will give credit by either crediting me for the mod or leaving a link back to the modpage. Same goes for mob battles, mod showcases, etc.


I have a language translation for your mod! How should I go about sharing it with you?
-There's a couple ways to do this! You could link it within a site such as Google Drive, or just upload it onto Discord in either a DM to me or on the server. Thanks for translating, by the way.


Youtube channel: Yellowbross Productions

Join the discord! - For cool updates, mod discussion, or just to chat!


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Have fun!