Iguana Tweaks

63,238 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 30, 2015 Game Version: 1.7.10



New weight restriction and encumbrance mechanic
Reduce all block/item stack sizes
Terrain affects movement speed
Configurable torch recipe
Stun effect on hit
Armour weight
Harder blocks

Now I know adding weight and reducing the items you can carry is not a popular idea. The reason behind it is not a desire for realism, but to encourage the use of minecarts. You go mining and can bring back tons of materials, so currently there is no need for them.

Coal is abundant and after a while you have stacks upon stacks and can just ignore it. You can make and carry so many torches you can spam them everywhere. I like them to be a precious resource, not something you use to stop mobs from spawning.

I've also added movement restrictions, for when you walk on certain blocks or when wearing heavy armour. Also getting hit stuns you for a short period. These effects also apply to mobs to keep things fair.

If you like the survival aspect of minecraft give the mod a try, you might like it.

This mod is designed for me and represents my personal preferences. That said, I am happy to hear your ideas and comments. If I use an idea you suggest, I will credit you.


Find all information about the mod from its original MCF thread here!


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