Lan Host Skin (Re-)Fix(ed)


Since MC 1.8, this has been patched in Forge, and actually since MC 1.13, this is apparently patched in Vanilla. So this mod is only required for 1.7.10, as that is the only version that Forge supports that still exhibits this bug.


Fixes the bug where the LAN host's skin doesn't appear for all other connected players. This had to do with the way that Mojang stored/retrieved skins starting in 1.7.6 and the way they were stored (or not stored) on the client side. If you care about the details, you can read this write-up I made almost 5 years ago.


The reason this is "Refixed" is that I originally wrote this mod 5 years ago when the fix wasn't pulled into Forge for 1.7.10 (as 1.8 was just moving from beta to recommended, so I just missed the window). However, I was a big dumb-dumb and it didn't work well and everyone complained (rightfully so). Since it was a number of years later, and people had started to move to newer modded versions, I just deleted the old mod because I didn't care much about it anymore. However, just recently I received a message on Reddit from someone looking for it. So I dug up the old source code, used it as a reference, and rewrote the mod to be even better than it was before! So if you are still playing on 1.7.10, here's your fix mod.


This should only be required on the eventual LAN Host's client, but it doesn't hurt to have it on everyone's.


YOU ARE FREE TO USE THIS IN ANY PUBLICLY DISTRIBUTED MODPACK THAT DOWNLOADS THE MOD FROM CURSEFORGE. Please message me for use in other public modpacks. You can use this mod in any privately distributed modpack because that's how that works.