2,237 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 29, 2015 Game Version: 1.7.10

July 1, 2016 : Holding off support until rewrite is complete, sorry the few people who were using it

This mod will most likely be added into Magic Energy when it is released.


Barrier Block Inhibits mobs from passing over the block.


A Spawner Accelerator accelerates mob spawners that are directly above them, as well as allows you to change the mob right clicking with a spawn egg. (doesn't work with mooshroom and a few others yet working on that)

A Item Vacuum of which will pick up items within range and input them into a bound chest of which you bind using a binder.

A XP Absorber which picks up XP orbs within range and stores them then at 1000+ stored xp all of it gets added to the bound player. You activate it with a Soul Binder of which binds it to the person of whom it is bound to.

A Slaughter Block damages mobs using stored weapon as a player, thus causing rare items to drop and enchants to be used.

A Soul Extractor Evaporates the player's body to extract a fragment of their soul, this has a limit it randomly damages the soul on average you will only get 4 pieces every 10 hours playing.

Soul Fragments increase the range of the XP Absorber, Slaughter cores increase the Slaughter blocks range, Vacuum core upgrades Item Vacuums range.

*Requires HxCCore



DO NOT Use grey goo it will spread and eat your CPU and World You have been warned! I am not responsible for any damages to you, your house, your pets, your family or your computer. I made it more friendly but still don't use it :P Disabled by default and nearly impossible to place :P
Also LeBomb is also a fun bomb for erasing world :P Random Size on explosion Takes up to 600 seconds to go off at max range I tested myself :P
It doesn't lag clients at all the only lag is rendering at the end when minecraft sends the rendering update to the client :D


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