4,459 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 23, 2018 Game Version: 1.8

REQUIRES Configuration API v1.4 or higher to be in the mods/MCVERSION folder get it here https://github.com/HxCKDMS/ConfigurationAPI

This mod replaces the usual hud with a cleaner hud by default BUT!

This mod is entirely Configurable Current 0.0.3 Dev build config https://pastebin.com/uaj8GDU8


I am taking a small break before continuing the code, but I do have a medium rewrite going on, I'm moving all the renders into their own classes so the code isn't a long scroll and hard to find which is which. THEN I'm working on making the stage at which I cancel the vanilla method configurable, as well as making it optional to render vanilla heart textures (or resource pack ofc) work in the usual fashion in case all you want to use the mod for is the ability to move the positions of the hud.




Test HealthPOT style health barDefault Config Health BarDefault Health Bar


Autohiding hotbar




I've always sucked at gui code, for a while, so I thought I needed to learn by practicing it, so I made this mod. And since the way I am, I must have things configurable, I made it so you can move the UI Elements of minecraft Great right? So this was a good learning experience and I made a neat mod out of it. I hope you enjoy it and add it to your must haves for your mod list...





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