124,295 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 10, 2017 Game Version: 1.7.10

Rewrite complete tested every enchant they all work, tested in normal MultiMC 5 v 0.6.0 dev 1065 enviroment.


If you get the HxCConfig not found issue make sure you have Configuration API 1.3 in your mods/1.7.10 folder found on my github.


Current version has 1 error in code, in the configs set Saturation type to 5 not 6 it's supposed to be a helmet enchant not weapon enchant.


*Requires HxCCore

Almost every aspect of this mod is configurable. from the rarity of the enchants to the max levels and if enabled or not. My core extends the enchant array to 512 so you can set enchant IDs much further.

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FlameTouch : Smelts blocks mined
Repair : Periodically repairs enchanted item
EarthEater : Mines in a larger zone, usually enchant level / 2-3 for the range
SpeedMine : Increases mining speed
VoidTouch : Does void damage to hit entities, Deletes items listed in config when mined
AdrenalineBoost/BattleBoost : Buffs player when they enter battle
AuraFiery : Burns entities and melts blocks in an area around player
AuraDeadly : Withers entities in area around player
AuraDark : Blinds entities in area around player
AuraThick : Slows entities in area around player
AuraToxic : Poisons entities in area around player
BattleHealing : Gives player regen when they take damage
DivineIntervention : When near death heals you and sends you to your spawn -Reduces enchant level on trigger
Fly : Flight enchant
JumpBoost : Increases jump height
Regen : Regenerates your health based on level constantly
Stealth : Makes mobs unable to target you, and makes you invisible to players in the dark
Swiftness : Movement Speed Boost
Vitality : Increases max health
WitherProtection : Prevents damage from withering effect
MeteorFall : Makes you fall faster and explode on inpact
FeatherFall : Makes you fall slower
FlashStep : A Blink-like enchant upon key press teleports you to block you're pointing at with limited range
HealingAura : Heals entities in area around player
RepulsiveAura : Pushes entities away in an area around player
AuraMagnetic : Pulls Items toward player, instantly sucks up XP
GaiaAura : Increases crop growth rate in area around player
IcyAura : Freezes blocks, and slows entities in area around player
Gluttony : Shoves food down your throat when hungry
ExplosiveDischarge : Causes you to detonate when you take damage
Electro-Static Aura/ChargedAura : Spawns lightning in area around you
Nightvision : Gives you nightvision
LightningArrow : MUCH faster arrow
Explosive/ArrowExplosive : Explosive Arrow
Zeus/ArrowZeus : Smites entity hit with arrow
Homing/ArrowSeeking : Homing/Seeking arrow, heatseeks nearest entity
LifeSteal : Vampirism, heals you on damaging entities
Piercing : Damage ignores % of armor
Venom/Poison : Poisons enemies
SlayersCurse/SCurse : Increased damage at a cost
Vampirism : Fills hunger on kill enemies
Vorpal : % Increased damage ignores armor
OverCharge : Consumes Charges from item and stores them for later detonation, When you release it, divides the damage evenly on all enemies around you
Enchant Leech : Reduces enchantments on gear enemy is using
Examine : Increases xp drops from mobs
FlamingArrow : Ignites hit entities for longer than vanilla arrow
BloodRazor : %Enemy HP damage +5% max hp per level

Saturating : Slowly fills hunger bar


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