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*Requires HxCCore


Soul shards are shards that you obtain by smelting a diamond in soul forge with vile dust.

When you kill a living creature whilst a soul shard is on your hotbar, it will bind the creatures soul to the shard.

When you reach a certain number of kills the shard will reach a higher tier, higher tier = faster and more controllable spawner.

Inserting a soulshard Tier 1 or higher will allow the mob bound to the shard to spawn.

Spawners Obey the rules of spawning the creature using vanilla limitations until higher tiers.


When tier is 25% or higher of the max tier it will be able to ignore light level. Tier 4 default

When tier is 25% or higher of Max Tier it will be able to be disabled by redstone. Tier 4 Default

When tier is 50% or higher it will no longer require nearby player. Tier 8 default

When tier is 75% or higher it will ignore the dimension. Tier 12 Default

   *Configurable as of 1.0.3


Entity whitelist is generated on startup, find it in configs/HxCKDMS/HxCShards-EntityWhitelist.cfg


Practically the same concept as Soul Shards by ShadwDrgn EXCEPT

*Configurable number of shard tiers 15 default

*Each tier requires twice as many kills as the last

*Starting kills can be configured

*Absorb any spawner config

*Config per shard tier will be coming soon, currently changing config system to allow this

*Soul Stealer max level is now configurable up to 127

*SSTOW textures are an optional config


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