Hodge-Podge III

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Welcome to Hodge-Podge III!

This mod has no theme, however its goal is to improve Minecraft gameplay by adding tons of different adventures, mobs and side-quests as well as providing a lot of new decorative blocks to have more options when building.


Unlike RaolCraft, which is an extremely lategame mod (while there are a lot of things in earlygame, you can't go to any of its dimensions before beating the Enderdragon), this mod will actually focus more on midgame, so you can explore the new features since the first days of your wold :)


This is the remake of Eonaut's original mod (authorised by him - proof in the comments of this page).


Walking Geysers, Werewolves, Wither Bone Meal, Wither Blade and many more new features are waiting for you!

(I know every feature I listed here starts with a W, but I only realized that after writing the list XD)


To get started with this mod, you should find the Golden Temple, an uncommon structure that spawns in the surface of the Overworld (it won't be too hard to spot it). There you can get the igniter for the first dimension, the DarkWorld.


Yes, I know it generated in a weird way, but that was not supposed to happen. It should have been mostly buried underground actually...

You can now go to the DarkWorld:


Here you can find a tower where an NPC lives, the Collector:


He likes to collect rarities, and if you give him some, he will reward you with some special items! He also gives you advices on where to find the items he wants!

Here are the other dimensions you can find in the mod right now:

The Wonderland


The Wastes



More images can be found in the Images tab!


Some of the blocks in this mod have connected textures! To use them, you have to download this mod: (https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/ctm). If you don't download this mod, Hodge-Podge III will still work, but you won't be able to see the connected textures.

This mod also has some special compatibility with RaolCraft Omega! If you also play it, the Collector will reveal a treasure hidden somwhere in RaolCraft (which can't be found until the Collector tells you where is it).

This mod also supports Ore Dictionary, meaning that you can make an addon for this mod or a crossover feature! There are too many ore dictionary entries to be written here, so you'll have to see them ingame using a mod like this.


At the moment this mod is in early alpha, but many updates are coming soon!

Right now the priority for this mod is to port most of the original progression. When all the original dimensions and bosses will be added, I will start adding many new sidequest adventures, just like I said at the beginning of this description. This is far from complete, though, because there are just a few dimensions now and they feel pretty empty :/


This mod was made using MCreator, a free software for making mods without programming knowdlegde. It can be downloaded here: mcreator.net.

The fact it was made using MCreator doesn't mean the mod is bad or bugged, crashes with other mods or more recent Forge versions. While I must admit that many mods made using MCreator are kinda bad, there also are many well done mods, where the authors put a lot of effort into. MCreator itself improved a lot recently, and it no longer is just "pressing buttons".


See this mod on MCreator: https://mcreator.net/modification/46927/hodge-podge-iii

Mod's official forum (MCreator): https://mcreator.net/forum/46712/hodge-podge-iii-official-topic


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