Modular Expansion - End

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Modular Expansion is a collection of little mods which improve a single aspect of Minecraft.

This mod makes it easier to access the End while also adding more things to do there.

Here's what it adds (in the 1.14.4 version - description still incomplete!):


Yet another Zombie variant which can be found in many Overworld biomes, in the Nether and in outer End islands. Drops a few Ender Fragments, which can be crafted into Enderpearls.

outcast magician

 An illager found in a little building in the outer End islands. Attacks from the distance, teleports around, knows anti-void magic, glows in the dark and drops a Void Totem!

He lost his honor when he got is scar in the face and is now planning revenge, he just needs to capture the player!



A powerful neutral mob found in many Overworld biomes, in the Nether and in End Highlands. Drops Enderpearls and Ender Fragments when killed!

Void Totem

Can save you from the Void by applying levitation effect. Only works when in main hand

Chorus Glass

It's glass, but it's more expensive (and is purple)!

Ender Lamp

In case Ender Rods weren't enough, here's another light source!

Ender Fragment

Use 4 of these to craft an Ender Pearl!

Chorus Soup

A soup... made of Chorus. Yep, that's it.


Made using MCreator.