Grave Keeper

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Whenever you die, this mod places a Death Chest in a safe place to keep your loot. You have exclusive access to its content for a limited time, afterwards anyone can loot it with a simple right click. Loot is placed back to their original slot, so you can go straight back in action!

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Survival Features

  • protection: only you can open your grave, nothing will break it, for a limited time...
  • informative: sneak-right click to get details on the grave, while you wait for the guardian to expire...
  • compatibility: native support for Aether Legacy, Baubles, Cosmetic Armor Reworked, GalactiCraft, TechGuns & Travellers backpack inventories.
  • integration: support soulbinding items through TwilightForest's charms, CoFH & EnderIO's enchants, Botania's Resolute Ivy.
  • slot restore: your loot is placed back to their original slot in your inventories.
  • smart position: gravestone is placed in a safe place, preferably in sight of your original death point. Died deep in a lava lake? that's fine, your gravestone is on the surface.
  • customization: extensive configuration allows you to adjust the mod to your liking, including bypassing keepInventory rule to better support other mods.
  • balanced: customize how many soulbound enchants are active upon death, so you still get a good reason to return in action...

Admin Features

  • backup: player inventory is saved on disk upon death, you can restore it from a simple /gkrestore command (loosely inspired by OpenBlocks).
  • admin friendly: creative players can't collect content with right click, they need to break the grave. So you'll never say "Oups, I've deleted all your loot".
  • in-game history: you can view, restore and teleport to previous graves of a player with a simple /gklistcommand.

Planned Features

  • death certificate item to help you locate your grave

Special Thanks

This mod is loosely inspired by TwentyOneZ's Guardian Chests mod which was based on NightKosh's GraveStone mod, Dr.Cyano's Lootable Bodies mod and Tyler15555's Death Chest mod. Thanks for the original ideas!

Thanks to Quantumlyy who started the original remake on 1.12.2.

Want to help?

Contribution of texture, schematics, sounds, bugfixes or addons are more than welcome. Please report issues on the official github here. Feature request are welcome, but may be harshly treated.

You may contact Quantumlyy on twitter or the community Discord server


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