4,370 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 27, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.4


This mod was made for the 'Escape from 2020' modpack by Darkosto.

Goopers is designed for people to add custom blocks to spawn when a Gooper explodes.

This mod adds one new mob to Minecraft, The Gooper, a Creeper that blows bubbles and pops.

The initial idea for this mod was a fun way to place blocks from Direwolf20's Diregoo mod in to the world.

(Check out Dire's goo mod on curse)

Goopers cause no block or player damage when they explode, instead they will leave behind an area of blocks

(size and block type can be specified in the config file).

There are also settings available in the config for spawning rules, and a dimension blacklist.

Goopers by default will drop the same items as Creepers.

(Please note this mod is an early version and may be updated as the pack is tweaked)

Blocks are added to the config like this example:
gooper_blocks_placed = ["diregoo:gooblockterrain"]