This mod is mostly targeted at modpack developers, but feel free to try it out and play with it.  A fully documented wiki is planned (an early version is available above), but for now, here are some highlights. 


The mod adds a Goo block to the game.  By default, it does not spawn naturally in the world (No Worldgen), however this can be enabled in the config file. 


The goo block will randomly turn any blocks adjacent to it into goo. This spreads. A lot. 


The player is given a lot of tools to fight back against the goo, including items and machines to dissolve the goo and return the original block to its original state. The player is also given some defensive items to protect their base and machines from the goo. 


Lots of items/blocks in this mod use Forge Energy, so its recommended you grab a mod that generates forge energy like Mekanism or Powah, etc. 


Make a world backup before using in an existing world - this mod is considered a beta state. 


New textures are planned :).