You've Goat to be kidding me!

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📖 About 📖

Formerly "Oh My Goat!"

A vanilla like mod which aims to flesh out 1.18 goats a bit more.
Its main features are Ram Block, Geep, Barbaric Helmet and Chevon meat:


🐐 Features🐐

  • Ram Block

The Ram Block is a block-breaking oriented block crafted from goat horns. With the help of a piston, the Ram block can damage and break blocks, much like a goat ramming into a tree.

Break speed depends on the hardness of the block. Additionally it will be able to break anything up to obsidian hardness but only iron tier blocks will drop

Does not work with enchantments as it's a block

Also inflicts knowkback and damage on entities when pushed


  • Barbaric Helmet

The Barbaric Helmet is a life-saving piece of equipment crafted from goat horns and copper. It provides the player with strength and speed on lower health.


  • Chevon

Chevon is a new meat dropped from goats.


  • The Geep

Geeps are the result of breeding a goat with a sheep. they cannot breed themselves, but does yield wool and chevon, and can be milked.

Also they are more frail with less health and cannot be dyed


  • Thatch

Decorative building block perfect for your nordic builds!


⚙️ Mod Integration⚙️


  • If Windswept is installed, Chevon meat will be disabled in favor of its ones
  • Chevon can be used in some Farmers Delight recipes


Make sure you have enough ram!



Credits to Ariboa12 for the barbaric helmet idea

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