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What dwells in the marsh, bloodthirsty and harsh,
and hides in the mud and the murk?



They hunt in the night, such a terrible sight --
Beware of the swamps where they lurk! 



They'll come for your sheep! They'll devour your pigs!
and return once again to the bogs!



Hunters unseen /
Demons in green /
Carnivorous Humanoid Frogs 



Technical Info

The 1.16.3 version of Froglins requires forge build 34.1.22 or higher.


The block tag "froglins:diggable" determines which blocks froglins are able to dig underwater lairs in. By default, this includes dirt, sand, gravel, and clay.


The entity type tags "froglins:edible_animals" and "froglins:edible_fish" determine which mobs froglins are allowed to eat. Replacing these with empty tags will prevent froglins from attacking non-player animals.


The biomes that froglins spawn in and the frequencies at which they spawn can be set in yourMinecraftFolder/config/froglins-common.toml for singleplayer/LAN worlds, or yourServerFolder/config/froglins-common.toml for dedicated server worlds.



Made during MMD Spookyjam 2020


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